Bitcoin Mining Operation in Iceland

Learn How Bitcoin Mining works

Iceland provides the perfect environment for large scale bitcoin mining because not only is the temperature cool all year round, but the island provides 100% clean and renewable energy by utilising natural Hydroelectric and Geothermal technology.

This means we are not polluting the air and providing a very responsible and green way for Bitcoin Mining. We believe this will soon become a big issue in the world as the combined network power of Bitcoin continues to grow and the amount of electricity being used is outrageous. So we are taking a proactive step to be green! Oh, and it also helps this power is cheaper than anywhere in the world so it’s a big Win-Win for our members to be green.

About 70% of our future expansion will be in this new facility. We continue to mine all over the world looking for the best scenarios and solutions for our members. We will never put all of our eggs in one basket but we plan to make this our biggest basket over the next few years. To know more watch our video about Bitcoin Mining.

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