Getting Started with Clubcoin

Bittrex ClubCoin

BitClub Network is excited to announce the launch of a new Proof-of-Stake coin called ClubCoin!
We have pre-mined 80 million coins that will be given away to BitClub Network members and used to secure the network. 50 million of these coins will be given away FREE, 15 million will be kept to secure and launch a staking pool and another 15 million were allocated to key staking partners.

ClubCoin Market:

ClubCoin is trading on…
Bittrex -
You can open an account with Bittrex and easily generate your own ClubCoin address from their website. Once you have this address save it under your profile in BitClub Network and then request your ClubCoin be sent to this exchange. From here you can sell it in the open market

ClubCoin is being listed with…
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World Coin Index -

ClubCoin Staking in 5 Steps

Step 1: Download Your Wallet

Go to the official ClubCoin website - - and select a wallet version to

Step 2: Install the Wallet

After you download the wallet it should automatically launch and begin the installation process. Right now this software is brand new and we are in the process of registering it with the major anti-virus companies to make the download process easier. However, you will likely see a message that the software is blocked or could be unsafe, you will need to give the program permission in order to run it.

Step 3: Sync the Wallet

After you install the wallet it will launch automatically (if it does not run automatically find it on your computer and open it). When you open the wallet it will be Out of Sync and will need to begin downloading all of the history from the very beginning. This could take up to 1 hour depending on your computer speed. Once the wallet is finished syncing you will see the “Out of Sync” red text go away and this means your wallet is now up to date.

Out of Sync

Wallet up to date




Note: This means you are now a full node for ClubCoin and every transaction will be logged and verified on your computer - You are mining! (or Staking)


Step 4: Generate a ClubCoin Address

You will see a default ClubCoin address provided under the “Receive” tab on the left side of the
wallet. You can generate as many addresses as you want and name them so you can easily keep track of them. All ClubCoin addresses begin with the letter “C” and look and behave just like a Bitcoin Address.

Your new Clubcoin address link.



Once you have your address go under My Profile and you will be able to save this address in the
ClubCoin address field. Once you save it here the address will be linked to your account and you can easily request a withdrawal just like you do for Bitcoin. (process is exactly the same)

Save you new link to your address book



Step 5: Staking your ClubCoin

After you receive ClubCoin to your desktop wallet the coins will need to go through a “maturity” process. Because the network is brand new this could take a few days so please be patient. This will happen a lot faster in the future as the network security and distribution become stronger.

Your coins will begin staking automatically as long as your computer remains on and the program remains open. As soon as your coins are ready to be staked they will move from “unconfirmed” or “spendable” to stake: You can see this under the main dashboard.

You will also see a green arrow at the bottom of the wallet.. When this green arrow is green it means you are staking. The wallet MUST be unlocked in order to stake.

Wallet unlocked & ready for stacking.



NOTE: Staking coins (especially early on) can be an unpredictable process. You may see your coins generating new blocks daily, or it could take a long time before you hit a block. The block sizes are also all over the place. You may see 20 coins, 50 coins, 300 coins and random amounts. This will begin to stabilize over time and as the network becomes more mature.

VERY IMPORTANT! Once your coins leave BitClub Network virtual wallet and are sent to your desktop wallet you are 100% responsible for them. If you delete the wallet or if your computer crashes or even if you encrypt the wallet and forget your password there is NO WAY TO RECOVER YOUR COINS! So please understand this and if you are not comfortable taking control over your coins you can leave them in your virtual wallet and participate in our staking pools where your coins are guaranteed.

Virtual Staking Pool

If you do not want to download the wallet to stake and earn more coins you can now do it virtually through our staking pool through your Bitclub Network Back office website. This is ideal for most members who are not comfortable running a full node on their computer and want the benefit of staking.